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From refugee camps to a published author, sought after inspirational speaker and Huffington Post Blogger, Clementine’s electrifying speech will leave your audience will be motivated, ready to make an impact and equipped to reach their goals despite obstacles!

“Clementine is an authentic speaker who lights up a room with her magical ability to take horrendous life experiences and make them relatable to everyone in the room. You just did not want her to stop speaking! Full of love, light and courage! I would highly recommend her! Clementine Bihiga is the real deal!”- Maria Salomão-SchmidtAuthencity Coach

“Clementine has a delightful way of narrating her life’s journey both in/out of Rwanda and as a refugee in the United States. Her triumph over adversity and her optimism after life has dealt its worst is a true example of the power of faith and belief in herself. She speaks equally well to the high school student, to professionals, and in faith communities as her story is ageless. You will know you are in the right place if you hear her laughter beckoning you to join the circle of listeners”. Rebecca Wild-Wesley, RN, MA, CMC

“Clementine provided an inspiring, uplifting and entertaining presentation to our students and alumni. She is a positive force of nature and delightful.” Susan Wojtas, Director of Institutional Advancement, Anna Maria College

“Clementine was the key note speaker at our recent President’s appreciation dinner, where the members of the RCAP team was recognized and congratulated for their important work in the community. We used her tagline “you are a masterpiece” as our theme for the event and it was very well received. Clementine’s unbelievable story and powerful and uplifting presentation about overcoming adversity and focusing on gratitude impacted every person in the room. The attendees continued to compliment Clementine and her inspiring and entertaining presentation long after the event took place.” Maegen McCaffrey, Chief Communications Officer at RCAP Solutions, Inc.

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Clementine is a truly remarkable woman. She came to speak to the women in my HOPE for Women Program at a luncheon. When Clementine speaks her voice is filled with joy, even as she tells the audience the horrific stories and experiences she has endured throughout her life. Her unique sense of telling her story and the way she always found the silver lining in everything is amazing. Clementine changes lives in such a positive way, she speaks and people listen. She allows her audience to be themselves. Even through tough times we can be happy. Her compassion and positive energy is truly a gift. I would most definitely recommend any company or organization looking for a motivational, inspiring, funny, and energetic speaker, to call on Clementine to speak. She is remarkable. She will ,exceed your expectations. Allyson C.Hope For Women.

I cannot begin to find the words that can explain the gratitude I feel toward Clementine for speaking at our school. The message was incredibly powerful and has stuck with our kids. She not only shared her story, but promoted the ideal of hope loving yourself and ,being happy. Our students were engaged throughout the entire presentation, you could hear a pin drop except when she made them laugh (her humor is contagious). She received a standing ovation from our students (who can sometimes be a skeptical crowd). Students lined up afterwards to meet her and purchase her book. We have purchased two copies for a school library, a class set, and many of our teachers are just reading it with their classes. She is eloquent, beautiful, and relevant. We were blessed to have her speak at our school and hope to bring her back again to our Diversity Week next year. I would highly recommend her to speak at any function- Sarah A. Teacher at Barlett Junior-High School

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for attending the HOPE For Women program. I was very impressed with your life story. You are truly an amazing woman to have dealt with your struggles and still be able to talk to a group about them. You have inspired me to be able to tackle my struggles with a different demeanor. Again, thank you so much and I wish you well. -Cindy B. HOPE for Women

I am so pleased to write this recommendation for Clementine. She continues to get rave reviews from our staff who attended our Presidents Employee “All Star” Dinner recently. Her compelling yet humorous approach to gratitude and love is one that many speakers cannot grasp. Many have said that they were pleasantly surprised by her earthy yet compelling story while conveying signs of hope and courage to those who service the needy every day. Clementine is a Masterpiece and a cherished jewel here in Massachusetts.– Karen Koller, President & CEO of RCAP Solutions

Clementine: The Face of Resilience

meClementine Bihiga, born in 1986, is a motivational public speaker and an award winning author of “Happily Broken: Discovering Happiness Through Pain and Suffering. She was nominated as the VOICE OF THE YEAR 2016 by SheKnowsMedia! She has also appeared in business magazines with leaders like Mark Cuban and Jeff Bezos. Her motivational story, presence on stage and addictive personality has allowed her to share the stage with Aisha Tyler from “The Talk”, Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Crow and other celebrities. You will NOT regret having her speak at your event!

At the age of eight, Clementine and her family were forced to flee their home in Rwanda due to the Genocide and Civil war of 1994 which killed almost a million people in 3 months. Clementine and her family lived as refugees in multiple refugee camps and settlements before they were admitted to the USA in 1999 as refugees. Clementine who faced many life and death situations at a young age including living in refugee camps and waking up among the dead, being bullied as a high school student and losing a daughter, has turned her tragic past into a positive calling of inspiring others to never give up.

When she got to the USA and was bullyied in high school for being different every single day, she would have quit and given up. Life was unforgiving for Clementine but she pressed on. She went on to speak 5 languages, got involved in many organizations such as the Student Leadership Council, World Youth Alliance, the United Nations Agents of Change, the Human Rights Commitee, The Student Achievement in Research and Scholarships and the Student Advisory Commitee for Foreign Discrimination. Clementine was also selected to be on a panel of the Africana Studies at the Stander Symposium and a panel on International Discrimination. She also interned at the New York State Attorney General’s Office and worked as a Campaign Fellow for the United Way. All these was accomplished while she was in college.

Clementine is resilient, positive, charming, and has an addicting personality and grit. She will keep your audience laughing, engaged and inspired even as she describes horrific events in her life! She is a breathe of fresh air for any organization and company. She helps audiences put things in perspective and gives them renewed energy to never give up.

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